Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Feb. 28 It was a beautiful sunny day and the wind was less but still blowing from the NE. We decided to go out the cut, which we could do at any tide height, and go up in the deep water for a while and then cut back through another cut to the shallow banks and more protection. As the went on, the wind lessened and we had no problems and anchored at Norman’s Cay for the night. Our friend Doug on Water Torture was also anchored there to our surprise.

March 1 We left at high tide and worked our way up to the west side of New Providence where Nassau is located. Then, it was onward and northward to Lucaya/Freeport which took an overnight. We timed it to arrive at a highish tide and with the morning light. Over the night the seas grew and the wind piped up but both were coming from behind us and pushing us north. The excitement came from watching all the cruise ships and cargo vessels crossing our track both in front and behind us. The AIS came in very handy once again. Arriving before anyone was at the marina office, we anchored in the turning basin and got our lines and fenders ready. Finally, we were told our slipnumber and helped into it.

March 2-6 We waited at the marina for our captain to arrive on the 6th and for my departure. There were some interesting people in the slip next to us on another trawler our size so we “played” with them for the week. Dinner here, dinner there, cocktails here and there, etc. Lots of laughs and good conversation. John and I were able to have a couple of tasty Mexican lunches complete with Margueritas just the two of us at one of the restaurants in the Lucayan Village area.

March 7-12 I left around noon for the airport and John and our captain, Peter, left later that afternoon. They had some choppy seas for a while but then the wind settled down and they were able to make good time until they were south of Cape Hatteras and the Gulf Stream vanished and a counter current took its place for the next 24 hours. The weather held and the current finally cooperated but they had to crank up the engine and burn alot of fuel out out run a storm that was coming to the NY area on Saturday. With 20-25 kt E winds and 8-10 ft seas off of NJ and in main shipping channel into NYC harbor, the wind and tide helping them all the way up the East River and Hellgate, they finally anchored Friday evening in the protection of Kings Point. I had made them some passage meals and they were very much appreciated. This was the first time I had left John on the boat on passage and I wanted him well fed if nothing else. It is amazing what guilt will make one do- I got to fly home! (to take care of my ailing mom).

March. 13 John and Peter got up and headed east up Long Island Sound for the 2 hour run to Greenwich where I was waiting at the dock for their arrival. They encountered 10-12 ft seas on the nose with a short “period” between the waves and as much as 50 kt winds. Windermere’s bow would dive right into the waves and water would come crashing into the windshield. Inside, the guys were warm and in their slippers watching the windshield wipers do their job! Windermere handled these conditions like a pro. I watched them rock and roll in the channel and was glad when we had them tied up safely to the dock at the yacht club. We then went into the club and had a good warm lunch together. It was good to have my men back safely. They completed the journey of 990nm from Lucaya to Kings Point in 122 hours and at an average speed 8.12kts. The storm continued for the rest of the and intensified. The high tide almost took the floating piers off the pilings and Windermere with them. The tide was a good 3 ft over normal. Peter’s flight out was canceled so he was able to keep John company in the crazy conditions. I was at my mother’s house watching very large trees fall into the parking lot and around the property. We lost power but she has a generator that helps keep essential things running.

March. 16 The storm had passed and the sun was finally shinning. We left Greenwich around 1pm and motored overnight up to Barrington Rhode Island and our favorite boatyard. The boat will spend the spring there while we get John his cancer treatment in California and then we hope to spend the summer in our beloved Maine again.