Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 13 We were happy to be anchored and to see Alan and Cathy again and their great Maine Coon cat. Cathy took me to the market for a few last minute things. After an early dinner, they took us to a barbershop quartet show that was really Americana and fun.
April 14-19 I cooked all morning trying to get as much food prepared for John and Sam for their passage to Greenwich. Cathy and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Got to love the flat land! Sam and his daughter Sarah arrived in the late afternoon and had cocktails. I had cooked dinner for John, Sam, Cathy, and Alan and they ate it while Sarah drove me to Charleston and to my motel for the night. After dinner, John and Sam left for their passage but didn’t go too far because it was hard seeing the unlit buoys in the river at night and it was now raining. They anchored for the night and started off the next am. I flew to NYC and went to my mother’s house in Greenwich to wait for their arrival. They had a good passage with a variety of weather but nothing horrible. I was glad to be off the boat. They anchored late in the afternoon off the yacht club, IHYC.

April 20 Sam had several visitors and they went for lunch nearby. John’s mother, Monaise, brought us some delicious paninis and we did some errands. Cocktails on board and Sam returned for dinner with Monaise at the IHYC.

April 21 We got up early in the morning and went all the way around Orient Point on the end of Long Island and deep into the bay between the two forks. Finally we anchored off the entrance to Corey’s mother’s condo complex where we would go the next day. The tender was launched and we went in to explore but didn’t find the right area where we were intending to go the next day. We did eliminate the other sections so had a pretty good idea where to go.

April 22 A sunny but windy day and we took the tender in to the right area of the inlet and found Chris waiting for us by the condo. Carol, Corey’s mom showed us around and then Chris took us to his house. We spent the day together and finally went back  the boat and were able to bring the tender up in the 25kts wind. It was a bit bouncy with a 2-3ft chop but it was too late to move so we rode it out. luckily, Windermere is heavy and it takes a lot to move her!

April 23 It was gray and windy but we left our spot and headed back out past Shelter island again and further East to Mystic and anchored off an area called Lord’s Point for the night.

April 24 The sun was finally out again and the conditions good for our last hop to Barrington. We made the 48nms in good time and were able to tied up at the dock and breath a sigh of relief. We had completed another round trip of 4308 nautical miles!

A post script: We are hanging up our cruising baseball hats and going ashore. We have had eleven incredible years and have gone about 50,740nms in three boats- two sail and one power. We have been from NewFoundland, in the North to the Grenadines, in the South and just about everything in between. We have met many interesting people and made some good friends we hope to keep in touch with and visit on land. The freedom to explore when and where we want will be missed but the boat repairs and other stresses will not. Our aging mothers and children and grand children are missing us and we them. There are things on our “bucket lists” we still want to do. Onward and upward!

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  1. That sounded like a final farewell. It's been a wonderful joy-ride while it lasted. Do you have a buyer?????

    ps. We are heading to Maine in mid-May. Away for the first week of June, to a wedding in Colorado, and then back til the second week of September. Come see us.